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posted Mar 27, 2011 20:42:23 by mommy_of_two
My son is 3 and a half. He has a terrible habit of randomly smacking you in the face. Although, it is usually during play, (he does think he's playing) I want to stop him. This would be a horrible thing when he starts preschool.
So. I thought about doing timeout everytime he does it. What do you guys think?
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TheSingleMommy said Mar 27, 2011 20:47:23
I think I agree with you. Try asking him how he would feel if someone smacked him? Then tell him to sit in time out and think about it. Hopefully this will help!
mommy_of_two said Mar 27, 2011 20:54:17
I never really asked him to think about it. I need to start doing that!
TheNewMommy said Mar 30, 2011 16:20:53
It is easy to not discipline a sweet child "as we as mommys see them" but that sweet child will be a teenager and adult one day and it is better for us to teach him now then for him/her to learn it the hard way later.

TheSingleMommy said Mar 31, 2011 02:15:52
I completely agree with you NewMommy!! If our kids aren't disciplined now, they will be out of control when they are older!
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